SAP S/4 HANA is an intelligent and integrated ERP system specifically built for in-memory computing. It provides a personalized, consumer-grade user interface with SAP Fiori. SAP S/4 HANA can help you drive instant value across all lines of business, regardless of your industry or business size.

Capabilities of SAP S/4HANA

Digitized Finance Process

Understand financial results in real-time, from preparation and forecasting to end-of-life and treasury management, to increase the efficiency of finance processes.

Control Over Supply Chain

To boost business agility, increase visibility across the digital supply chain and use machine learning technologies for logistics, production, and asset management.

Supplier Management

To boost supplier management, streamline ordering, and deploy collaborative procurement and contract management, use smart apps with machine learning.

Product Life-Cycle Management

Build a completely aligned product portfolio that enables you to efficiently manage life cycles, control manufacturing costs, and mobilize capital from across your company and beyond.

Business Overview

To help marketing, sales, and service teams work more productively, raise revenue, and drive opportunities, get a full picture of operations, and use customer insights.

Easy Customization

Meet your particular organization's unique needs by customizing your core framework without the usual integration and custom coding challenges.


Improve financial planning and analysis
Improve financial planning and analysis Accelerate cycles of planning, increase profitability, and make the functions of finance more efficient. At any degree of granularity, you can run on-the-fly financial analysis and endorse ad hoc simulations of organizational improvements or emerging business models directly through your ERP system.
Simplify procedures for accounting and financial closing
For a unified source of facts, merge financial and management accounting and profitability data into a single universal publication. In real-time, you can close the books, enhance enforcement and control, and reduce closing efforts, while digging deeper into each dimension of reports.
Enhance procedures for treasury and financial risk
Integrate cash flows, sales, market data, product positions, and reliably predict cash flow, control liquidity, and mitigate risk. Also, full-view and real-time review, audit trails, and reporting on compliance help you optimize processing straight-through.
Strengthen activities in collaborative finance
Automate the collection of receivables and payables and streamline the distribution of shared services. With real-time data, you can boost working capital and financial health to determine consumer credit risk, streamline billing, settle conflicts, and prioritize customer collections to decrease outstanding sales days.
Efficient monitoring of business risk and compliance
To proactively mitigate risk and enforcement violations, track, prosecute, and prevent fraud, incorporate and automate risk, compliances, and foreign trade operations. You can optimize business processes, protect assets, and boost financial results this way.

Digital Supply Chain

Integrate protocols for inventory and logistics

By combining the management of both inbound and outbound freight and warehousing processes, enhancing connectivity with warehouse automation equipment and logistics service providers, lower operating and administrative costs.

Improve Production Planning

Coordinate production activities in the company, including material requirements, logistics, and receipts for proper handling of goods, processing work, and inventory. Based on real-time information from the company, suppliers, and the plant floor, you can also make schedule changes.

Support the dynamic processes of assembly

Enable efficient planning for complex assembly, including material requirements, development, and planning of capacity, as well as advanced material billing (BOM) functionality, routing, factory layout, and models of machines.

Accelerate manufacturing workflow

Maintenance activities that synchronize labor, content, equipment, and schedules are organized and scheduled. To ensure optimum activities, including increased protection and environmental effects, conduct planned and unplanned maintenance.

Enable efficient management of maintenance

Improve scheduled and unplanned maintenance operations by preparing and arranging maintenance activities to synchronize labor, supplies, equipment, and schedules while improving protection and environmental impacts.

Improve quality control

Run enterprise-wide, closed-loop quality control procedures for continued process development, from quality preparation to quality operations.

Research & Development

Improve the development & management of projects and products

To maximize project productivity and deliver high-quality projects on schedule and within reach, manage, interpret, and implement customer-driven technologies. By specifying all design criteria and constraints while retaining rigorous design norms, you will improve quality.

Efficient management of enterprise projects

By aligning the project portfolio with the business plan, invest in the right projects. From initiation through completion, you can define the projects that can produce the most business value and control the money, schedule, and financial results for each project process.

Streamline regulation of the product life cycle

Simplify and accelerate the translation of master engineering data into production data for production. In a single, high-performance environment, you can rapidly create recipes and formulas, reuse existing ingredients, and design packaging and labeling.

Expedite the processes of product engineering

Accelerate time to market by effective BOM management, including defining specifics of the work center and listing the production facilities and equipment needed. Furthermore, to comply with industry standards such as ISO / TS 16949 and ISO 9000, you should build closed-loop inspection schedules.

Gain in-depth purchase insights

Acquire detailed, real-time data on buying spending by reviewing sales orders, purchase requests, invoices, and contracts. With access to data, including on-time delivery, price, and quantity accuracy, you can also analyze supplier output in real-time.

Streamline operational purchasing

Enable workers to directly buy products and services, follow buying practices and pricing agreements, and use preferred suppliers. Users can package demands, automate the processing of sourcing and order, and promote approval and release procedures.

Automate procedures in procurement and contract management

All sourcing information is gathered, assigned, processed, and accessed in one system and automated. Manual processes are assisted to build and maintain service contracts, source lists, purchase information records, quotations, and quote requests.

Gain a comprehensive perspective on the supply chain

Improve the visibility of the supply chain and find the optimum combination of suppliers that will better fit the business priorities and reduce the overall risk of supply. To find and identify the best supply chain partners for your organization, you can also define and segment your suppliers using different criteria.

Simplify procedures for procurement

Consolidate the criteria to minimize costs by creating a single central approval workflow in each back-end framework instead of multiple approvals. Furthermore, by providing a single, easy access point to all available catalogs, you can increase catalog use.

Manage commodity procurement effectively

Support commodity procurement and help create commodity contracts based on market quotes. You can automate price calculations, streamline invoicing, and extend ERP functionality to automate commodity-based contractual pricing and enable provisional, differential, and final invoicing.

Other Lines of Business

Integrate order and contract administration
Improve visibility and efficiency through the convergence of distribution, pricing, and logistics processes with contract management. With streamlined order management, you can implement rebate agreements with live insights into contract terms to minimize days of unpaid purchases and improve sales effectiveness.
Augment sales performance
For a unified source of facts, merge financial and management accounting and profitability data into a single universal publication. In real-time, you can close the books, enhance enforcement and control, and reduce closing efforts, while digging deeper into each dimension of reports.
Streamline key processes in HR and payroll
Integrate SAP Success employee master data, organizational data, and expense related data.

Additional Features SAP S/4HANA Cloud

Management Functions of Integrated ERP System

Configure your solution, test your business processes, migrate information, view the scope of the solution, and access content for learning.

Data Aging

You can control the lifecycle of current and historical data with the data aging feature.

Manage teams and responsibilities

Manage team members in a process scenario associated with certain roles and map their duties to an operation category.

Business event handling

Business event handling allows for the consumption of events linked to all S/4HANA business items by apps, partners, and clients.

Control room for Extensibility

By selecting a version, solution scope, and one or more scope elements, you can view extendable objects that relate to a business context.

Digital Assistance

With the SAP CoPilot, users can share information with co-workers in real-time and include business or application information directly.

Management of Legal Material

Management of legal content helps clients to handle all cross-application processes related to the development and management of legal content.


In all your business functions, identify, manage, and leverage clear KPIs, generate and manage reports, run analytical queries, and develop predictive models.

Master data management

Manage enterprise master data with SAP Master Data Governance and SAP S/4 HANA through the company.

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