IoT-ize your business with robust IoT Solutions

To foster innovation and make a business smart with the Internet of Things, enterprises need a secure, robust, horizontally scalable, and manageable IoT platform that can connect sensors and assets to the edge of the network. Altrocks helps you connect all your critical devices, machines, people and systems to capture the valuable information hidden in the data, which results in greater efficiencies and increased ROI.

Explore opportunities

Turn your idea into reality with Altrocks. You can build your own strategy and realize the value of your business by creating smart applications and making the most of data.

Build IoT

Foster end-to-end visibility into your existing infrastructure by connecting assets while leveraging the capabilities of IoT. Get rid of old, inefficient methods and adopt a smart way to run a business.

Become future-proof

Make your business future-proof by collecting and analyzing the data from disparate data sources. Altrocks makes data work for you and empowers you to make.

Collecting data from heterogeneous systems across industries.

Fetching data to the cloud via gateway to analyze it further and apply machine learning techniques.

Third-party connectors that allow your system to be integrated with business apps such as ERP, CRM, BMS etc.

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