Make your visitors check-in smartly!

Visitor Management system

Improve safety, security and compliance for your visitors, contractors, staff and assets.

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How it Works

Efficient and applicable for every sector

VMS powers productivity and efficiency by speeding up the guest check in process. It is the most ethical and impressive way to welcome your visitors. When no one is around at the front desk, people can still check in, which is a huge time saver. VMS can be used by offices, salons, schools, co-working, hotels, events, societies and hospitals. It is very helpful as the data can be retrieved for security and other purposes at any point of time.

Business Continuity Planning for COVID-19

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) consists of having processes in place to deal with situations like the outbreak of COVID-19. The following features of Wylcome were developed to help businesses easily implement the processes conceived by government agencies in order to best deal with the situation.

Digital Register

Ditch your messy and hard-to-use paper logs


Check-In Screen

As a smart visitor management system, VMS streamlines the check-in process by capturing images, sending instant visitor notifications, printing custom badges and collecting signatures all in a few taps on the screen. Digital check-in from employees to visitors, eliminating the hectic paperwork. Send invites to your visitors prior to their visit to your premises.



VMS can also leave comments in the field provided that gives an exact and real explanation of their experience. Feedback in the form of comments will help you to analyse the real strength and weakness of your organisation and manage them effectively in future.


Covid 19

You can create your own custom fields and questions for your visitors checking-in. It's an easy platform, and you can enable and disable options like photo capture, NDA signature, host notifications, etc according to your requirements. The information that you wish to take from your visitors can be customized entirely.


Blacklisting Vechiles and Visitors

The badge design is customizable and contains all the important details including the photograph of the visitor which adds to the authentication process and makes the process of identification effortless. With the help of badge printing facility every visitor can be tracked uniquely without any confusion.

Centralize your guest registrations at one place

 “Visitor logs can be tracked by a dashboard panel provided to the
 subscribed authorities for better analysis”.

 “User can always access the visitor dashboard panel and look for
  the details of every guest who visits”

 “The dashboard is smartly configured and admin can personalize
  the appearance and customize fields of the registration process.