Keep Your Health Insurance Handy


  • Serves both the customer-facing and internal sides of the business.

  • Makes policy making and corporate enrollments hassle free.

  • Go hands free with eCard.


Plan Entitlements

Everything you need to know about your insurance policy.

 Provides cover for

 Doesn’t provide cover for

 Expiry Date

 Policy Updates

 Where it can be used

 Who can use this

Make a Claim

Make your claims experience as simple and convenient as possible.

Fill out the claim form
Prepare the required documents
Submit your claim

View all claims

Track Claims.

 Know your claim status effortlessly

 Get notified on the status of your claims

 Keep detailed records about your claim

 and track all of the related paperwork.

 Manage your medical payments


Find the Clinic

Feel the power of healthcare at your fingertips.

 Locate clinics nearest to your current


 Search clinics by type, districts and

 opening hours.

 Use the virtual membership eCard to

 identify yourself at the clinic.

 Submit a non-panel Claim (eClaim)


 Check past visit records

Download now and enjoy convenience
at your finger tips

 Submit claims on-the-go

Scan your documents via your phone to submit claims.

 Receive claims notification updates

Get claims update and view claims history at a glance.

 Not sure what is covered in your policy?

View coverage details of you and your dependants.

 Locate the nearest panel clinic

Track the nearest clinic that's on your company's panel.

 E-card convenience

The app includes an e-version of your employee health benefits.

 Financial Calculator tool

Calculate your financial commitments

 Helps to manage your claim expenses

View your balance entitlement limits and amounts.

 Letter of Guarantee (LOG)

Request for LOG (availability subject to the plan coverage).